This has to be the most popular question I get asked, why did I choose to freelance under the pseudonym ‘ILOVEPINATAS’? I can confirm that there is no hidden meaning, no special significance and I certainly don’t harbour a fetish for piñatas.  Quite simply the name is an empty vessel.

Like any brand, whether it’s the Nike swoosh or the Apple icon, their success isn’t because of the logo or the typeface but rather the high quality product that they produce. What they produce gives their name and logo value. And so it is with ILOVEPINATAS. My hope is that by consistently producing a high quality product, whether in the field of animation or design, will give the name ILOVEPINATAS value and significance.

Simon Anholt, in a recent interview with Monocle 24 put it this way, “The brand, the typeface, the logo, all that stuff is simply an empty vessel into which you pour equity through the things you do. And over time that vessel fills up with value”

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