You will notice that ILOVEPINATAS has an affinity for character animation. Rather than simply a tendency towards the cute and colourful, character design and animation is an exceptionally powerful tool to communicate a message or sell a product. Here are some brief thoughts on the matter.

HUMOUR Characters can bring humour, fun and a sense of playfulness to a brand’s image and make even the most boring content fun and interesting.
SIMPLIFY Character animation can simplify complex messages, making them more memorable and accessible for all.
FORGET CELEBRITY Celebrity endorsement is a popular route for many brands but too often the product or message is dwarfed by the celebrity. (Not to mention characters are much easier to deal with.)
A PERFECT MATCH Characters can be created to perfectly match your values and identity, therefore they are a perfect embodiment of your brand.
RELATE Character design and animation can communicate more effectively in a multi-cultural society with differing levels of literacy, language and education.

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